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How to Deal with an Over-Aggressive Mentor

Over Aggressive mentoring

The Over-Aggressive Mentor

I used to work with someone that I liked and respected.  We became pretty good friends, getting coffee together and going to lunch occasionally. He had a few more years of experience than me and I enjoyed picking his brain for ideas every once in a while.

Once while we were talking shop, I told him that I considered him a mentor.  It kind of went to his head.  He apparently decided to take me under his wing and become my full-time mentor.

He would stop by my desk frequently and provide me with unsolicited advice.  At least once a week I would receive emails with articles that he thought I might be interested in. He would then question me about the article perhaps to make sure I read it.
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Why Your Legacy Matters

It’s a common career scenario. You start out working day-to-day, living paycheck-to-paycheck just trying to keep your head above water. It’s easy for that day-to-day approach to evolve to a year-to-year approach.  Before you know it, you are deep into a career that is going nowhere.  Your thirty years of experience is actually a year’s […] Continue reading →