How To Avoid Ruining Your Personal Brand with Social Media Play in new window | Download (Duration: 13:40 — 18.8MB) | EmbedOnce when I was in college, a high school friend came down for a weekend and we went out partying. In the process of excessive drinking and the crowds of college weekend binge partying, we got separated. This was in the days before […] Continue reading →

Is it Professionalism or Old School? Play in new window | Download (Duration: 25:29 — 35.2MB) | EmbedOne of my favorite binge-watch shows is Mad Men. It’s a well-written and produced television show. I’m also intrigued by the business standards of the day. In that day – the 1960s – men wore suits and were in charge. Women usually played […] Continue reading →

Making Time to Mentor

 Upon hearing from your manager that you now have the new responsibility of mentoring someone, you may respond with the concern of one more responsibility draining away your valuable time. Over the past several years, organizations have reduced ranks and asked their employees to do more with less: fewer resources, less money and less time. […] Continue reading →