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How Not to Respond by Email

 It happens on a frequent basis for some. Someone sends you a scolding email pointing out something that you did wrong. Or someone embarrasses you in front of a group of your peers. Whatever the situation, you get wronged by someone at work. It could be a peer, a supervisor or a customer. Maybe the […] Continue reading →

Respect in the Workplace

 I once knew a woman who was in a bad relationship. I never met her significant other, but she made random comments about how he treated her. The interesting – and significant – thing was that she didn’t make these comments to complain about his behavior. They were stated in a matter-of-fact manner that indicated […] Continue reading →

10,000 Hours for Success

 Malcom Gladwell made the concept of 10,000 hours famous in his book Outliers. In his best-selling book, he discusses how successful people such as The Beatles and Bill Gates became seemingly overnight sensations. But in reality, they became outliers through lots of practice – 10,000 hours of practice. Bill Gates had been writing code for […] Continue reading →