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Jennifer Wells – JenniferNicholeWells.com

JenniferWellsLew interviews Jennifer Wells this week to talk about her career in photography, her creative use of miniatures in her photographic work that she applied to the cover design for The reluctant Mentor, and of course her experiences with mentoring in the workplace as a young millennial.



According to it’s creators Evernote® is a platform for human memory, designed to help individuals remember everything™. We recognize that our community and ecosystem play an integral role in this vision, by developing products and applications that leverage our platform, and there is a need to refer and link to Evernote and our products and […] Continue reading →

Agile Approach

 Ch16 Chad’s approach – Mark to Roger: That’s the trade-off of this agile approach,” Mark said. “What you lose in certainty, you gain in flexibility. Give it a few more weeks and a couple of showcases and see what they come up with. Continue reading →